We are now beginning to prepare for our AGM which will be held on November 18th at the HG Wells Centre (aka Bromley Labour Club). This is the most important event of the year for our branch and will include the election of a new committee. we hope as many you as possible will attend, and that maybe some of you will volunteer to help us in the year(s) to come. Please click on the “AGM” tab for more information.

Now I am aware that to some January means a month of that self-inflicted torture - I can barely bring myself to say it....‘Detox’. I am of the opinion that life is too short for the ‘D’ word believing firmly that frequent but moderate drinking is perfectly acceptable.

Sadly the first Eden Park beer festival is now over. Bromley CAMRA hope that all our guests visitors enjoyed their visit. Please click on the beer festival festival tab for details of the beers and ciders which won the festival awards. Our next social event will be a crawl in Beckenham on Tuesday 21st October. This will start at the ever-popular Jolly Woodman at 19.30 and continue to two other Beckenham pubs.

It’s been a couple of months since I have been able to put pen to paper so I hope 2014 has being good to you so far. If you have looked at the CAMRA website recently you may have seen there appears to be evidence against a month of ‘detox’ in favour of exercising common sense all year round. Added to which there is evidence that sensible consumption of beer can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

So with this in mind, on 13th of January I headed to the Sovereign of the Seas, Petts Wood to host a combined Beer and Cheese and Meet the Brewer event with Duncan Woodhead of Croydon's Clarence and Frederick’s Brewery.

The evening was timed to coordinate with JD Wetherspoon’s Mini London Beer Festival which featured two Clarence and Fredericks beers including the Oat Milk Stout fellow Bromley CAMRA member Jack North and I collaboratively brewed with Duncan.

Keen on showcasing local breweries the Sovereign got in two more Clarence and Fredericks beers so I had four to pair with cheese. As mentioned last time the Oat Milk Stout was voted Beer of the Festival at our Chelsfield and Orpington Beer festival last October so we took the opportunity to present Duncan with his certificate.

Oat Milk Stout - Paired with chocolate cheese cake – The combination of the chocolate in the cake and the chocolate notes of the stout mean the two harmonise beautifully. The oatmeal gives a creamy mouth feel complimenting the texture of the cheesecake but there is also enough hoppy bitterness to lift the richness of the cake.

As the end of February approached there was another important date in our Calendar. I speak of course of the Orpington Liberal Club’s Beer Festival. This year there were twenty five beers on offer plus ciders and perries. Of these ten were locale and six Vegan. I went on the Friday night with my other half and two friends.

Best beer festivals in England

home or in your favourite pub. The beer festivals appeared because we appreciate a good beer and we want to savour it in a proper environment. Whether you are in London, Manchester or Liverpool, the beer and ale festivals and events are definitely a great occasion to have fun and listen to good music with your mates.

Craft beer expos and festivals

Hurry up and take your tickets for Liv Craft Beer Expo, this amazing event that will occur in 16-19 June in Liverpool. This game changing craft beer festival brings together drinkers and amateurs from all over the world, so make sure you will have your seat at one of the best drinking festivals in Europe. Be at Constellations on Greenland Street and you will listen to live music Vinyl DJs in an awesome atmosphere, where beers, ales and ciders will play the most important role.

Head to Manchester for the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival in January 2017 and you will see rows of people that came here to enjoy the booze, music and happiness exuded. Participate to one of the contest, drink a craft beer as fast as you can and you can win amazing prizes to take them home and brag in front of your family.

Do not miss Great Peak Weekender in Derbyshire in 3-5 July at Great Longstone, Bakewell. Enjoy a sunbath under the avaricious England sun and witness one of the most innovative craft beer revolutions. The great drinks and good food will be even more appreciated in this stunning scenery, so be certain that you, your friends and maybe your http://www.eros.com escort will have the tickets for this charming event.

However, one of the most impressive beer fests in England will take place in London. Great British Beer Festival – or the Campaign for Real Ale, CAMRA – is probably the best occasion to reunite with your old friends and guys you haven’t met since college. With about 1000 assortments of ales, perries, ciders and internationals beers to select from, you can rest assure that this truly is the biggest pub in the world.

Craft beer galore is perfectly combined with the huge barbeque and live music at London Craft Beer Festival, this massive event renowned as the epicenter of craft beer revolution. As a celebration of great beer, it can be described shortly as three days, one venue and more than 250 beers produced by more than 30 breweries. Attend to this event on 12-14 August 2016 and you will not regret any sip of the great beers you will try here!

Visit Manchester in October and get your tickets for Indy Man Beer Con, this show that will take place in the glorious surroundings of Victoria Baths. Play the Thirsty Games, taste as many drinks as you can, but try not to get “the flu” in the next morning. Attend to these wonderful celebrations of beer and support the local economy by tasting the ales produced by the local breweries!